The grim reality is, just as surely as we are all here today, we won’t be in the future. The same goes for everyone we see and know. The bad news is that we can not avoid that. The good news is, we can avoid being unprepared to deal with that whenever the day may come for us or our loved ones. Here at Masin Law we can sit with you, discuss the way wills and inheritance works in Texas, lay out all the options for you and then execute on the plan that you set for us. A little preparation now can mean a world of difference years down the line.

Or maybe someone has already passed, either with or without a will and you are now dealing with what to do next. How do you access the bank accounts, retirement account, transfer over the deed to a house, the title to the car and everything else? Perhaps things have taken a more adversarial turn and there is a fight over who gets what, or a will has come out of nowhere that you think may have been forged or someone manipulated your loved one into signing. All of the above is where we shine. You deal with the heavy emotions and conversations that come with those tough moments in life, and we will deal with everything else.

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