We all know people divorce. We all know unmarried people have children and then split up some amount of time later. Child Support is an ever present thing. A lot of people are embracing the use of Prenuptial Agreements ‘prenups’ before entering into marriage and of course we all know with children in the picture the question is always about custody and visitation. The bad news is that these things are extremely difficult to escape in life, it is almost inevitable that either one of us, or someone we love will go through these things. Multiple times even. The good news is that Masin Law can be in your corner and help fight for and craft your solution for all of the above and then some. If you are dealing with one of these situations, planning for one, or just want to talk to an attorney to explore some options then please head on over to our contact page and give us a call or send us a form so we can reach back out.

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