We have all been on the highway just trying to get home and been annoyed to see a car wreck ahead adding at least a half hour to our trek. Or seen the cheesy commercials that lawyers put out about car wrecks. Plenty of us have even been in one. Most of us have at least had a relative in one. It is a chaotic and confusing time and can be a lot of stress, after all, our cars are the 2nd most expensive things we own in life usually. Of course if you’re involved in an accident you can call us to guard your rights and get your life back on track.

Of course, personal injury is so much more than just car accidents. Maybe you’re shopping at the store and next thing you know you’re on the floor, having slipped on some slick liquid that they failed to clean up. A neighbor forgot to close their gate and next thing you know your child has been bitten in your driveway by their escaped dog. Someone gets a little too fast and loose with the fluid at the BBQ by the lake and sprays a little too much on the grill you’re standing next to, scorching your arm and putting you out of commission for a couple weeks at work. The possibilities are endless, but the truth is that all kinds of situations can bring us to a point where we need to consult a personal injury attorney and consider our choices. Masin Law is ready to give you a consultation for the situation that you’re in.

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