Whether it be a speeding ticket or a serious felony charge, the truth is that most of us will at some point find ourselves dragged into the Criminal Justice system. Hands down the best way back out is with a skilled and sharp attorney by your side. Traffic matters, misdemeanor charges and even the felonies all get due attention at this firm. Here at Masin Law, unlike the stereotype that you may see on TV (or even out in the real world with some attorneys) we are not a ‘plea factory’, and we are perfectly happy to fight a case all the way to and through a jury trial if that is what it takes to safeguard your rights. Every single criminal matter is unique and requires a unique assessment as no strategy or path is always right for every situation, and that is where having a dedicated attorney comes in handy as it is never as simple as it might sound at first. If you’ve been arrested, contacted by the police, already charged or maybe even have a warrant outstanding, give us a call and let us get you back out of the system that you’ve been dragged into.

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